10 hamster care in the heat

Did you know that we should take special care of the hamster in the heat? Very cold or very hot temperatures cause thermal stress on the pet and this can have serious consequences.

The hamster is a species originating from dry climates with temperatures that vary widely during the day and at night. However, with hundreds of years of domestication, they have become more vulnerable to cold and heat.

Care of the hamster in the heat

“O Mesocricetus auratus it is the scientific name of the hamster, a rodent originating from a dry environment and changing temperature: hot during the day and cold at night. Because they are nocturnal animals, they hardly come into contact with the scorching heat of their habitat. During the day they remain buried in tunnels dug in the ground, protected from thermal oscillations ”, explains biologist Tiago Calil Ambiel.

However, when these animals came to live as our pets, they had to adapt to the climatic temperatures in which we live and our habits. All of this changed his resistance to heat and cold a little.

Naturally, the hamster is a nocturnal animal. That’s why he spends the whole day sleeping in his touch and when night comes, he is full of energy. However, on colder days it is possible to see him walking around for food and fun, but in the heat, the hamster is quieter and more reserved. So it is essential keep cage of the animal in a cool place and away from the sun.

“Hamsters have evolved to adapt to this reality. By understanding their behavior, we can simulate the same situation in our homes. The idea is to respect the animal’s needs and, for that, it is important that the cage is in a cool place and without thermal oscillation ”, adds the biologist Tiago Calil.

Another important tip is to equip the cage properly. Use sawdust or hygienic granules for hamsters and do periodic maintenance. In the heat, it is necessary to redouble the care with hygiene. Don’t forget to offer a den with shelter for warmth and light.

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