all the signs to understand it and learn how to manage it

Recognize the signs of the rebellious dog, learn to better manage the situation. Let’s see what these signals and how to intervene.

Although the opposite can often be argued, there are several studies that establish how much the dog can be endowed with its own character.

An individuality that is built a little thanks to genetics that never deny.

The famous apple that never falls far from the tree, so it will be enough to know the puppy’s parents to understand a little what to expect.

However, it should be noted that the character it’s not just a matter of inheritance but there is a good deal of environmental factor, or where the animal is raised and above all in what way.

In fact, in part it could be the work of the dog’s owner, if the latter is too spoiled or too lazy or too exuberant.

In front of a particular character it is easy recognize the signs of the wayward dog and making sure you learn to handle the situation is the best thing you can do.