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Aujeszky’s disease in dogs: cause, symptoms and treatment

Aujeszky’s disease in dogs or Aujeszky’s disease also known as Pseudorabbia. Let’s see what the cause, the symptoms and the cure.

Aujeszky’s disease in dogs it is a typical pathology of the suidae, therefore pigs and wild boars but which does not exclude in any case other domestic animals, including the dog.

This disease also called by the name of pseudorabbia, however, it is distinguished from the dreaded anger itself. This distinction can be made thanks to some details that make the pathologies different from each other.

For example, in Aujeszky’s disease or Aujeszky’s disease, if you prefer, the aggressiveness typical of anger does not appear and the course of the disease lasts only a few hours unlike rabies.

We will then discover in the next paragraphs what the other symptoms that appear during this pathology.

Causes of Aujeszky’s disease in dogs

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