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Family Christmas: animals adopted in quarantine

Each animal taken from the street receives a second chance to live. When he is adopted by a family, he has the opportunity to be happy, loved, cared for and respected. Adopting saves lives, so we share with you six beautiful stories of animals adopted in quarantine who will spend the first family Christmas of their lives.

This year was different not only in Brazil, but worldwide. Social detachment was fundamental to maintaining people’s safety and health. Less walks with friends, leisure and socializing at work and with family. This new reality was difficult for many people and the furry ones were real gifts for those who could not leave the house.

Affection, distraction, fun, responsibility, companionship… dogs, cats and other pets made the months of social isolation lighter and helped many people.

Adopting saves lives.

Saves the animal’s life, which takes to the streets.

Saves the tutor’s life, who receives unconditional gratitude and love.

2020 was a very difficult year for everyone, but these furry ones helped a lot. For this moment of gratitude, joy and togetherness – even at a distance – we have separated some stories of animals adopted in the quarantine. Check out: