How to calm a dog for fear of fires?

Fireworks are one of the main traditions at the end of the year. However, what is fun for some, can be a real torture for animals. Unfortunately it is very common to see a dog afraid of fireworks.

Barking, shaking, agitation and searching for hiding places are some indications that your dog may be afraid of fireworks.

The fear of firecrackers and fireworks can be extremely uncomfortable for pets. The dog can run away in the moment of despair and when he is on the street being run over. There are cases of animals that jump over windows, get stuck in spears and bars or even get seriously injured with furniture that falls on them. There are many cases of heart attacks and serious injuries that happen when the animal is extremely scared and stressed.

The risks are very great, so we have separated some tips on how to help your pet to calm down during the parties.

Why are dogs afraid of fires?

First of all, let’s understand why dogs are afraid of fireworks. Dogs’ hearing is much more accurate than ours, so they are much more sensitive to loud noises. This is why your pet knows that you opened a packet of cookies without even being in the kitchen, but it also ends up making him much more susceptible.

This is the big factor that can trigger the fear that these animals feel with the noise of fireworks. In addition, another very uncomfortable factor for animals, are the large amount of lights that the explosions generate.

Now that you know the related dangers and the reasons why a dog with a fear of fires goes into despair, let’s go to the solutions?

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