How to calm a dog for fear of fires?

How to calm dog for fear of fires?

Getting the dog used to some noise is a gradual process that starts as soon as possible. After all, if the pet acquires trauma from the noise it is more difficult to reverse.

One of the best ways to accustom the dog to the noise is through positive reinforcement. The dog that is afraid of fires should be rewarded with snacks and his favorite food. However, for this technique to work, it must be done for days and well before fireworks are burned.

Positive reinforcement for fear of fires

Take your cell phone, a handful of snacks and set aside a good time for your dog. Start by offering some snacks and petting him. Use your cell phone to put on a soundtrack with a very low fireworks noise. Offer more treats and make a lot of affection.

Repeat this training for several days and whenever you notice that the dog is no longer bothered by the sound, increase the volume a little. On the day of the fireworks, repeat the training associating that noise with good things for the dog.