How to choose the right name for our dog: the criteria to follow

Have you just adopted a dog and can’t choose a name for him? Here are the criteria to follow.

As with humans, understand how to choose a name for a dog it is very important and it is a great responsibility. In addition to being a name that will remain for life, it must also be an easily understandable and assimilable name for our dog.

So original and imaginative names are welcome but let’s not forget that the first to ‘accept’ the name is the one who will carry it, our dog in fact. Here is a series of proposals that could help you in your choice: the journey with your four-legged friend has just begun and will be a fantastic adventure!

Why it’s important to name your dog

A dog that enters the family is like a newborn, a newcomer who will enter our daily life, will share the spaces of the same house. Moreover we will have to take care of him and love him just like any other family member. So it is absolutely essential to find a suitable name for the new tenant of the house: on the other hand, don’t you always choose a name for the baby?