Main care for the dog on the beach

Taking the animal to travel is always fun for the tutors, after all, nothing better than walking with the company who you like the most! However, when going to the beach with a dog it is important to take some specific precautions.

Do not hit the road without first placing the collar with nameplate on the dog. On the plaque it is important to contain the name of the pet, the guardian and the contact phone. Being in a new environment, leaks become more frequent and dangerous.

Don’t forget to do a check-up at the vet and check the vaccines, the in antipside it’s the vermifuge. One of the greatest precautions for those who take the dog to the coast is the heart worm.

In addition to the prior care before hitting the road, it is important to assemble a suitcase with essential items for a sunny day near the sea:

Is it dangerous to take a dog on the beach?

Although the beach is a different environment for the dog and can be very relaxed, be careful! Cravings in the sand, like leftover food and cans, can intoxicate and hurt your dog. Stay tuned and collaborate with the environment by throwing the waste in the trash.

In addition, the sea itself can bring the remains of marine animals, such as starfish and fish bones. These items are very attractive to dogs, but they can cause serious problems. Therefore, never leave your pet unattended.

Another risk is excess heat. The dog may have hyperthermia, that is, an increase in body temperature. Keep the pet under the umbrella and offer fresh water frequently.

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