Main care for the dog on the beach

Beware of worms and other diseases

beach with dog

Offering plenty of water and paying attention to the soil temperature when walking the animal are some fundamental precautions when taking the dog on the beach. However, these are not the only cares.

A veterinary surgeon Lysandra Barbieri, highlights some important precautions such as the prevention of a very dangerous worms: “Heartworm, also known as heart worm, is caused by a worm that lodges in the pulmonary arteries and in the heart. It is transmitted by a specific mosquito that is usually found on the coast. This worms is not passed from animal to animal, it depends on the presence of the mosquito for transmission to occur ”.

The best way to prevent the disease is to use a medication that, in addition to fleas and ticks, is also repellent for mosquitoes. A great example are some types of flea collars. The use of vermifuge is also essential.

Before traveling to the beach with a dog, see your trusted veterinarian.

“Prevention can be done through mosquito repellent collars, as well as the use of specific wormers that prevent heartworm. It must be done every time the animal goes to the beach with intervals of 30 days between doses ”, adds the veterinarian.

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